Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, N.B.
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
The Anchor

Here is the list of tenants based on the themes of education and community.


1.  Adult Learning Centre

Literacy courses – French

South East, NB, Adults


The adult community learning centre provides to learners:

  • Free training for learning adults 18 years of age and over;
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to improve their ability to read and write;
  • The remedial levels 1 to 9 (french and mathematics) and preparation for the GED (high school equivalency certificate);
  • A basic computer training program;
  • This program provides up to 30 hours per week of training to the learners;
  • Flexible working hours responding to the needs of adults who want to study full-time or part-time.

  2. South East Regional Adult Learning Board

  • Our Mission: ¨To improve and promote adult learning¨
  • Community Adult Learning Centres of Southeast NB
  • Community Adult Learning Centres provide learners:
    • free training for learners to adults 18 years of age or older;
    • knowledge and skills to improve their reading and writing;
    • we can prepare you to write the GED exams which are the adult equivalent of a grade 12 diploma;
    • a program of training in computer basic;
    • this program allows up to 30 hours per week of training to the learners;
    • flexible schedules to meet the needs of adults who want to study full-time or part-time;
    • prepare for job advancement.


3.  New Brunswick Community College - French only

Course for adult secondary education 

Alternative class of the NBCC, Dieppe in Richibucto provides secondary education for adults or young people from school who wish to complete their high school diploma by individualized teaching. Specific training is also available for those who wish to increase a score or complete a school courses like 12th grade biology or other, in order to pursue College or University.



1.  Kent family resource centre


  •  The Kent family resource centre is a permanent bilingual resources centre and social action in favour of families with children from 0 to 6 years for the Kent County region. The Kent family resource centre caters to parents and their children 0-6 years as well as prospective parents who live in Kent County.
  •  The main objectives are:
  • Help the community to strengthen harmonious family relations;
  • Develop and practice different parenting techniques;
  • Direct the community towards other existing resources as needed.

The Kent family resource centre prepares and gives you the means to respond to the needs of your family, whether emotional, budget, security or disciplinary.

2.  Kent community inclusion network

  • Facilitate networking and sharing opportunities to identify gaps and strengths to develop strategies to oversee and coordinate efforts and mobilize resources to reduce poverty and help residents of Kent County to become self-sufficient.

Here are the different subgroups:

  • Food security
  • Wellness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Training and employability
  • Volunteering
  • Community transportation


Here are some definitions of sub-committees:

The food action network offers the following programs:

  • Educational and collective kitchens
  • Kitchen for seniors
  • Kitchen and food production workshops
  • Community gardens and workshops
  • After School program, kitchen and gardening
  • Plant a row, share a row
  • Gleaning (volunteering for fresh food)


TC-KENT-CT, Kent Community Transport provides transportation to people who do not have a way to get to medical appointments, to get to the grocery store, etc.


3. Lions Club

The Lions meet the needs of others in their local community and around the world.  This volunteer organization embodies the diversity around a common philosophy: the community is a reflection of the actions of the Lions.

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