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Good for: plump MM PP oh.
For wearing trousers and other trousers when wholesale swimwear Oh, but too low-waist jeans is not very suitable oh.
Y-shaped pants
Low-waist pants are a favorite of many girls, but a very awkward stoop exposed underwear, panties pelvis low places will be uncomfortable, so Y-shaped KK is preferred, and comfort without
Worry about embarrassing exposed.
Good for: like low waist MM Oh
There will be no trace of it lace
Many MM think cotton underwear is best, but in fact, wholesale swimwear suppliers in the summer of absorbent cotton is very limited, and this time, mesh very comfortable, good air permeability, so how about not boring Oh, shut
Key places or with cotton, so do not worry about allergies or are uncomfortable
Good for: fear sultry summer MM oh
Oh, it should be the most sexy sultry, and give swimwear wholesale people the urge to want to unlock oh ~ is also very suitable for wider pelvis mm Internet to buy it, because the side lacing, so no need to worry about the size Q
Title Oh, for a wide pelvis MM, but when the strap pants sometimes inadvertently exposed, awkward, and sometimes the side of the junction is not comfortable.
Common thong
Massage beads thong
Thongs are the most controversial KK, love it wholesale swimwear manufacturers love to death, because invisible and stylish, even if exposed, but also sexy invincible, and will not come up with traces of PP, now is more and more T-BACK
Beautiful, really exciting, but at the same time, a good kk is even more important, because if wholesale plus size swimwear not selected, will be very uncomfortable, so you put on restless. Unaccustomed mm best Do not try.
The secret lies in selecting the small rear strap should be more detailed the better, the less sense, if the latter is wide, it might get hurt.
Boxer underwear (safety pants)
Oh, this is the so-called security pants, this stuff do you have plus size swimwear wholesale to choose their own size, and big loose much like the old lady, a little uncomfortable waiting for it, so this must
Oh, I want to pick the right size. Safety pants usually worn with a skirt, white of course the classic, but also very embarrassing if emptied, it does not look good, it is best color consistency and skirt,wholesale sexy swimwear a skirt ride
With one, so that you can wear short skirts safe on a beautifully!
Various floral lace panties
Buy this type of KK, quality. Texture is very swimwear wholesale china important, first of all look at the fabric, feel is good, soft, very critical. Second, look at printing, printing to and KK docile, hard rubbing by hand will not be out as well.
Finally depends lace, lace must also be flexible, part not to wholesale womens swimwear have contact with the skin gold, silver lines, such things can trigger allergies, finally depends on the elastic lace, lace can not be too
Tight, there must be some flexibility, so as to cheap wholesale swimwear wear and comfortable and beautiful, oh.
Set underwear
Now many mm are wearing suits underwear, but it tends to focus only on buying underwear bras, underwear while ignoring the fact underwear is also important, in addition to the style of harmony, sizes, fabrics and other
Are very caveats Oh, general and except for the fun underwear,wholesale mens swimwear the excess items KK best not more, what ah like stones, though good-looking, but still do not, this complete
Actually has knocked off the danger, if not out of place, is really very embarrassing, not comfortable. Sometimes nothing exciting is comfortable oh ~
How to pick the color of lingerie
Color is an invisible language that can be china wholesale swimwear interpreted in different colors with your amazing emotion, convey your emotions to the outside world, as rendered sexy sexy lingerie but also to the choice of colors
Do more, you know how to choose swimwear wholesale usa their own color sexy underwear it?
Red gives a bold, passionate, unrestrained emotional response, sexy temptation sexy underwear warm fusion of these emotional factors, more fashion a flirtatious beauty, so a simple
Red lingerie not only directly but also to swimwear wholesale china reveal your sexy better interpretation of your inner fiery and unrestrained, let your love be sublimated, the deepest heart of the call to be released.
White is a simple, pure, sacred symbol, while also giving a pale white, weak psychological implications, a thin feather, light as gauze sexy lingerie can easily put
You create a delicate and charming girl, the shy swimwear wholesale usa girl feelings, always with a hazy feeling Sese, afraid he will not hurt you, you do not love?
Purple elegant, noble, mysterious purple this would easily attract attention, sexy lingerie purple depths of the human heart are more likely to arouse the most primitive impulses, more intense cravings, purple
Sexy underwear color will give wholesale swimwear usa you a good night.
Serious, boring black gives a psychological pressure, so the choice in sexy lingerie few people choose this dull tone, knowing that only black to interpret your lonely heart
Select a black sexy underwear wholesale swimwear china to vent your loneliness appropriate.