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Sex. These shorts are very comfortable to wear fit, both modified lower abdomen, buttocks can show the beauty. Women not only have to own, dependent on underwear, but also a deep understanding of it, use it, and take
  The error of wearing underwear, so as to make wholesale sexy lingerie every woman's buttocks health strong, sexy beautiful, has a beautiful appearance. Many girls are always being sucked pretty lace and elegant color
  Lead, in order to select a favorite of that section of the standard. buy wholesale lingerie But the experienced designer or underwear shopping guide staff will remind you according to each different body, select a different style. At the same time, both outside the pants, skirts and pants waist height different factors and so on with different lengths, buy the best underwear functionality.
  Waist briefs
  For the crowd: waist without excess china wholesale lingerie fat, no fat and loving girl hip movement.
  Equipped for: Waichuan aerobics clothing when exposed at the end of the embarrassment will not appear on the hip hip; because the shape of tiny, lace edge will not reveal marks, thin summer suit worn with skirts and pants.
  Not for the crowd: excess abdominal fat who have lingerie wholesale china emerged; Tunbuxiachui person.
  Waist boxer shorts for the crowd
  It is suitable for all body styles. Equipped for: almost worn with all pants and skirts, needed only to avoid the waist and low-cut design skirt, pants, because you may in
  Casual underwear waist season, raising his hand to reveal.
  Not for the crowd: If you want to borrow more support underwear lingerie wholesale usa pants curve section people will be disappointed. Because "flatten" the abdomen, "raising" bottom Stuttgart need another way to cut tailoring job.
  Although this section after wearing unstamped sexy dress wholesale trace but there is no special support force.
  Waist pants boxer shorts for the crowd
  Spirituality underwear and traditional this style is most similar. We hope that through its abdomen and buttocks and make three-dimensional design Shoufutitun too thick thighs to reduce a sense of relaxation girl choose sexy dresses wholesale the style
  . Suitable with: When the hips and legs with trousers will naturally trace. But worn with a skirt should be careful, because Skirt, skirt will sit down to above the knees when on the move again a few centimeters,
  So we put out in front to try to sit down, so as not to sexy lingerie wholesale make a fool in front of others, of course, opening skirt panties have this problem, take a few steps in front of the mirror do not let go when the time is now hidden underwear.
  Not for the crowd: a lot of the design of this function almost everyone wholesale lingerie china can wear, except those who do not want to be bound by a sense of the people too.
  Pentagon waist pants for the crowd
  Pentagon underwear is designed to focus the elastic bottom line to prevent Tunbuxiachui, enhance the role of the hip line, curve fit sagging buttocks and flat women. But note that if the bottom
  Line portion of the fabric loose, then the role will enhance wholesale lingerie manufacturers the buttocks of reach. Suitable worn with: almost any skirt, worn with trousers, but must pay attention to the color should be as close to the skin underwear, Wan
  Not in the dark outside the light, or color underwear will be through wholesale lingerie usa the outside of the garment, it is unfavorable.
  Not for the crowd: I hope there are girls in particular the effect of the abdomen can not do, because this function will through the abdomen in front of "triangle" thickening design can be achieved.
  Small lovely girls wholesale sexy underwear Buying Guide ~ !! Look at your PP for what type of oh
  KK is really little girls favorite Oh, but, in the end your KK is appropriate How about you? What kind of pants to wear in the end with what kind of small KK it? Oh,
  White cotton underwear (basic models)
  We estimated that we all wear that KK grow it, the wholesale sexy cheap dresses basic models, but we do, oh what people are suitable, especially by the young MM, a solid small KK is always the most classic choice
  , If you've got a little decoration, what little bow, will be more cute ~ !!!
  Good for: pursuit of a wholesale sexy dress comfortable daily wear MM
  Seamless underwear should be the most comfortable one, I do not like to wear low-cut suit, but they want no trace of the pants, not the PP Le a mark, to have more meat on the PP MM do well, Thus, PP on
  Le underwear will not be wholesale sexy dresses the same as the garlic.