Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, N.B.
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
Imperial Kent North Center

Imperial Kent North Centre

Covid-19 Operational plan


Hours of operations:

Monday to Friday- 8 am to 8 pm

Saturday- 8am to 5 pm

Sunday- closed

Masks rules

  • Masks to be worn always, except when engaged in physical activity.  When you are moving from machine to machine, you should wear a mask.
  • Masks to be worn when entering and exiting the building and the gymnasium.  This also includes washrooms and changing rooms
  • While working out in your station and during cardio and you are 10 feet away from others, the mask can be removed.
  • The facility staff and management will be asked to reinforced these rules and ask that all noncompliant members leave the facility.

Rules and Procedures for the classes

  • The Province of New Brunswick screening questionnaire process https://www.worksafenb.ca/media/61042/notice-screening-for-covid-19.pdf  will be available to every members regarding Covid-19 prior to entering the facility.  If anyone answered YES to any of the questions in the questionnaire access will not be granted to enter the facility and should immediately follow the directions indicated on the questionnaire.
    • During Orange Phase, all members will be individually asked these questions by their instructor and/or the reception.
  • Every member will need to reserve their spot with the reception desk (all classes) in person or by phone at 523-2052.
  • We will be starting to take reservations on Monday mornings at 8am of each week for the following week (Tuesday to Monday)
  • A limit of 14 bikes will be allowed for the cycling classes at 3m apart each.
  • Hand sanitizing spray will be available at the entrance of the gym.  Please use before and after your classes.
  • During orange phase, the locker rooms will be closed.
  • During opening hours, please use the main doors in front of the building.  We will have hand sanitizing spray at the entrance that we ask all members to use before entering the Imperial Kent North Centre.  We ask you to use the same doors to exit the building once you have done your class. 
  • All users are asked to respect ALL NEW RULES to assure the safety and health of all users and employee of the centre.  Rules and procedures will be revised if needed. 
  • If you need direct assistance our staff will be able to assist you.  They will be wearing a mask.

Cleaning procedures by staff

To assure the health and safety of our employees and members, our staff will be following given guidelines and cleaning every surface at least twice a day. 

We are adjusting to these new guidelines daily, so we ask for the members patience and understanding. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 523-2052.


Last updated on February 9th, 2021



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