Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, New Brunswick
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, N.B.
Drop Anchor With Us
Richibucto, NB
Club Richelieu

Richelieu-International Foundation

Born from the will and the determination of Richelieu International to acquire more efficient means to help youth, the Richelieu International Foundation was created on August 30th 1977 in Ottawa. Its motto is: UNITE TO HELP.

The Richelieu-International Foundation is the manifestation of the great generosity of Richelieu members. It confirms the presence of the Richelieu movement on the international scene, its openness to the French-speaking world and the influence of its clubs.

Its mission

The Fondation Richelieu-International is a charitable organization whose mission is to support humanitarian, cultural and social actions that favour the youth of the French-speaking world.

The Fondation Richelieu-International does not initiate or engage itself in humanitarian, social and cultural projects; it supports them.

Its mission is not limited to raising funds as stated in the current statement; it manages them, it generates them through its investments, it can establish partnerships, guarantee loans, etc.

Its values

The main values promoted by the Foundation are:

  • integrity
  • compassion and sharing
  • peace and fraternity

Its strategic orientations

The Richelieu International Foundation's donation policy was developed to ensure that the recipient organizations respect its values and priorities. It also allows organizations to benefit from a transparent process for the attribution of donations.

The Fondation Richelieu-International favours projects that support young Francophones aged 4 to 18 in the following areas:

  • School perserverance
  • Physical health by supporting programs that promote physical activity among young people
  • Promotion of healthy mental health
  • Promotion of the French language

Two project submission periods

Requests for donations will be considered twice during the year:

  • Applications received between January 1 and March 31 
    •   Announcement of selected projects at the annual general meeting of members in mid-May
  • Applications received between August 1 and October 31
    •   Announcement of successful projects in early December

To become a member

1010 Polytek, Suite 25

Ottawa, ON  K1J 9J1

Toll Free: 1-800-267-6525
Fax: 1-613-742-6916

Email: international@richelieu.org

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